In the Clos of the Château de Boursault, the 2018 vintage is “born” … It’s a new story that begins.

After the heavy rain, the good weather and its hot weather in late April 2018.

It did not need more to provoke an awakening, certainly late compared to 2017, but very dynamic of the vine at the Champagne Château de Boursault: the roots have taken again of service, pumping the water in the ground, which allows the sap to resume circulation and feed the vine.

As a result we bave the bud break: the buds hatch and release their “wad”, which will will then become the leaves. This is the time of year when the vine sees its flower being born.

And rarely have we seen a bud burst as fast!

And this dynamism, if it is confirmed, is one of the necessary points for a good harvest: the shorter the budding period, the more the buds will hatch at the same time and the grapes will therefore mature at the same time. This will facilitate the 2018 harvest.