Having the utmost respect for the environment is a must on our Estate. These efforts, which have been in place for many years, have been strengthened over the last decade and has lead to the implementation of a sustainable development programme for our business. As a result of our work, we have been awarded the Sustainable Viticulture and High Environmental Value certifications

The protection of vineyards can no longer be the sole objective of treatment products. It is becoming vital that the land and the vineyard find their place in agro-system management and biodiversity. To make this balance possible, we are constantly updating our farming methods using environmental knowledge acquired over generations.

Vignoble maîtrisé et développement durable


Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne, is a certification set up by the Champagne authorities: targeted at local requirements, it is a subsidiary to the HVE initiative, or High Environmental Value.

The sustainable viticulture issues are:

  • To reduce the energy dependence and carbon footprint of our business,
  • To preserve and enhance our land and its biodiversity,
  • To control the use of inputs to respect health and the environment,
  • To ensure the responsible management of water, sewage, by-products and waste.

The sustainable viticulture initiative in Champagne is inspired by the wheel of progress. It consists of 125 measures, divided into 8 areas, concerning all wine-growing practices and the way in which the farm is organised


HVEHigh Environmental Value, is a national certification, overseen by the Ministry of Agriculture. It is the result of the “Grenelle 2 de l’environnement ” laws. The requirements of the “high environmental value of farms” like ours meet the guarantees expected by consumers today.

To be HVE certified, the producer must satisfy a minimum number of criteria in four areas: biodiversity, phytosanitary strategy, fertilisation management and irrigation management.

Vignoble maîtrisé et développement durable
Vignoble maîtrisé et développement durable

Sustainable viticulture and High Environmental Value certifications in Champagne emphasise the willingness in our sector to officially recognise of our environmentally friendly practices.

The quality and flavour of our champagnes are not compromised by these new techniques. Only the energy expended to produce them is more intense. However, we are convinced that this will strengthen our business in the long-term and prepare it for generations to come as our sustainability demands the respect of both the vineyard and its environment.